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Quotes Amy genuinely is doing what she loves to do and that is to help others. Working with Amy has been such a wonderful experience; for example, the level of communication goes beyond listening and responding but it feels as if she has a sixth sense in how I am feeling. It is clear that she is passionate about helping people realize how much more capable one is and so I am excited when it comes time to work with her. Quotes
Vu Nguyen
Chemical Analyst

Quotes Amy is an incredible listener, and laid back, I was able to warm up to the process of coaching. Amy's enduring and constant understanding developed the knowledge that she was someone I could trust and open up to. Amy never pressured any of the coaching processes, she allowed me to take my time with the process and when it came it areas she knew I could push through, she pushed me through them. She was, and is, incredibly kind and never did I feel as if she was judging me. I think being a coach, and having access to extremely personal information, I could still confidently know that Amy was never once treated me differently due to my history or my life. Amy has the tools to teach an individual so that they can succeed on their own. Amy is sort of a cheerleader, but also a teacher. I am so glad I got to work with her. Thank you. Quotes
Anna Miller
College Student

Quotes Amy Hurst is more than a life coach, she's a friend that gives you exactly what you need to help ensure you meet all of your goals. Whether it be a nurturing and understanding role of a friend or a swift kick in the butt to get you started, she's able to decipher what you need as an individual and help make your goals a reality. I have never met a more passionate individual. Any time I have a problem or something is troubling me, Amy is there to help me dig down deep into myself to unearth the real issue and instead of trying to fix that issue through changing myself, she helps me find a direct route to dealing with that issue that never suffocates or stifles who I truly am on the inside. She has taught me how to be myself without regrets or hesitation, without any doubt and most of all fearlessly. Words cannot express the gratitude I have for her Quotes
Samantha Lavrinc
Graphic Designer

Quotes Since I have worked with Amy I have been more joyful, expressive, and courageous. My ability and confidence to take on whatever it is I feel inspired to keeps increasing. From the moment I first spoke with her I felt at ease and able to trust that she was committed to my growth. She has consistently demonstrated a genuine concern and availability to me that instills faith that she is there when the process of growth become challenging which has enabled me to keep pushing my perceived edges. She is very perceptive and has the ability to speak to that which I may not immediately see. I have gained so much clarity about how I would like to lead my life and this has made for a much more empowered existence. Her presence in my life has been such a gift and I'm always excited for our weekly check Ins. Amy's ability to tune into her clients and her commitment is readily apparent. Her coaching is very powerful and invaluable. I recommend her highly to anyone! Quotes
Desiree Gray